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Development trend of food packaging industry in China

2019-12-26 10:50:04

In the modern packaging industry system, paper paper container occupy a very important position. In China, paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total amount of packaging materials. the perspective of development trend, the amount of paper packaging will be more more. The reason why paper packaging materials dominate in the field of packaging is that they have a series of unique advantages, such as good processing performance, good printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy to compound processing, good health safety, wide sources of raw materials, easy to form mass production, diverse varieties, low cost, light weight, easy to transport, recyclable waste Plastic is an important sign of the development of modern technology, which is rich in raw materials, low in cost excellent in performance. It has become the packaging material with rapid development huge consumption in the world in recent 40 years. However, plastic packaging materials used in food packaging have obvious shortcomings, there are some health safety problems environmental pollution problems caused by packaging waste.

Consumers hope to have more paper packaging with recycled cardboard, more packaging with 100% recycled symbol. 85% of consumers think that using recycled packaging materials is "good for children's future", 80% of consumers think that buying 100% recycled cardboard packaging products is "making contribution to environmental protection".

Consumers have a high evaluation on the enterprises using 100% recycled cardboard, think that the enterprises using recycled cardboard have a sense of environmental responsibility. In terms of product quality, attractiveness performance comparison, more than half of consumers think that there is no difference in quality between using recycled cardboard using new cardboard for packaging, even the former is better, there is no big difference in product attractiveness.

Plastic packaging needs to be improved. The data shows that the amount of plastic used for food packaging accounts for 1 / 4 of the total plastic output. It can be said that as soon as the plastic used for food packaging appears, there will be garbage. In stores, many food packages are made of plastic. The plastic inflatable packaging of expanded food can prevent moisture, oxidation, fragrance, sunlight extrusion, but such a large package is a great waste of resources; there is also instant noodles packaging, plastic packaging is far more than paper bowl ( barrel) packaging, the market price of bowl barrel instant noodles is generally higher than 1 / 3 of the sales price of the same quality bag instant noodles, but Because this kind of packaging is convenient to eat, especially when traveling, it can be eaten directly after opening the lid flushing the hot blister, without taking other containers, so it is very popular with consumers.

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