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Dealing with the problem of gas expansion in vacuum bag packaging

2019-12-26 14:51:35

1、 What is vacuum packing bag

The so-called vacuum packaging bag refers to the packaging method that the product is put into a specific sealed bag, then the air inside is extracted to make the bag reach a certain vacuum degree after the air is extracted. The air in the bag is completely extracted, so that the bag is in a state of little air low oxygen, so that the microorganism has no living conditions, so as to ensure the freshness of the food extend the preservation period of the food.

2、 Classification of food vacuum packaging bags

1. Vacuum packaging bag inside plastic bag: the packaging method adopts two bags, one is the outer bag the other is the inner bag. The outer bag is a common compound printed food bag, the inner bag is a vacuum packaging bag.

2. Aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag is also called pure aluminum bag aluminum foil bag: the packaging technology gathers high-density metal (aluminum) on the bag, increases the barrier performance of the bag, shading, is often used for the inner packaging cooking bag of tea

3. Other vacuum packaging bags: PA (nylon) / PE (reinforced) PA (nylon) / rcpp, PET / PE, PET / rcpp other materials are used together.

3、 Main materials characteristics of various food vacuum packaging bags

1. PE is suitable for low temperature use, often used for vacuum packaging of frozen food, common boiled products can also be used (remember: non high temperature cooking bag)

2. Rcpp, also known as CPP, is suitable for high temperature cooking is a common material for producing high temperature cooking bags

3. PA (nylon) is to increase the physical strength puncture resistance. It is a common material for steam boiling bag liquid bag. Nylon can enhance the tenderness compression resistance of the bag.

4. Aluminum foil is to increase the barrier performance, shading. It is a common material for tea vacuum bag cooking water bag.

5. Pet increases mechanical strength stiffness.


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