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Three mistakes in the selection of plastic packaging bags

2019-12-26 14:55:27

There are many kinds of plastic bags, but there are countless kinds in terms of color. What's the best? Do we really choose plastic bags? We can almost use plastic bags every day, but the choice of plastic bags often leads us to misunderstandings.

A big mistake is that the thicker the plastic bags, the stronger they are. We often see all kinds of plastic bags in our life, so the strong bags must be good. In fact, this is the case. There are strict standards for plastic packaging bags, especially for food packaging. We must qualified products produced by regular manufacturers approved by relevant departments. Plastic bags for food shall be marked with the words "for food". Look at the light to see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags are very clean free of impurities, while poor plastic bags will see dirty spots impurities. The thickness of one side of plastic bag shall be more than 0.025mm.

Two big mistakes, plastic packaging colorful, choose color packaging more beautiful. Although there are many kinds of colors in plastic packaging bags, we must be careful when selecting them. If we use the plastic packaging for food, we must choose the one with simple color, so that at least there are fewer additives.

Three misunderstandings, plastic packaging bag reuse. Many families have the habit of storing waste plastic bags. In fact, as long as the storage is clean the use of waste plastic bags is OK, but do use waste plastic bags to contact food, which will cause chronic damage to our health.

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