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Packaging advantages of Weihua aluminum foil bag manufacturer

2019-12-26 15:10:30

Aluminum foil bag manufacturers have a wide range of applications, mainly including:

1. It is suitable for packaging various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery accessories, consumer goods, industrial products, etc. For example: PC board, IC integrated circuit, electronic components, SMT patches of various LED industries, light strip packaging, precision hardware, auto parts other packaging.

2. Food packaging: keep the flavor, quality, taste color of milk, rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, frozen food, ham, bacon products, sausage, cooked meat products, pickles, bean paste, seasoning, etc.

The main advantages of aluminum foil bags are:

1. Good heat sealing performance, softness high barrier performance.

2. Strong air barrier performance, anti oxidation, waterproof moisture-proof.

3. It is nontoxic tasteless, meeting the hygienic standards of food drug packaging.

4. It has strong mechanical property, high explosion resistance, puncture resistance tear resistance.

5. It has good resistance to high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (- 50 ℃), oil fragrance.

Lianyungang Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd. is a diversified production-oriented enterprise. Its packaging products include: various aluminum foil bags, square bottom aluminum foil bags, seven layer co extruded high temperature low temperature films, vacuum bags, high temperature cooking bags, water boiling bags, Yin Yang bags, electric cutting bags, various color printing composite soft packaging rolls. The product has the characteristics of high sealing strength, excellent barrier performance to ultraviolet, oxygen, water vapor, taste, etc. Our company takes "honest management, mutual benefit" as the concept, warmly welcome new old customers to visit!


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