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High temperature resistant meat product bag

2020-01-14 09:47:39
High temperature resistant meat product bag
Detailed introduction:

The main subclasses of high temperature cooking bags are:

1. High temperature cooking type: package roast chicken, roast spareribs, jam beverage, three-layer copolymerized CPP membrane with 121 ~ 135 ℃ high temperature sterilization is required, among which the copolymerized PP is required to have better performance than the common cooking type.

2. Metallized type: the product surface is required to have a strong adhesion strength to the evaporated metal (such as aluminum), which can still maintain a good dimensional stability rigidity after evaporation. In addition, it has lower heat sealing temperature higher heat sealing strength. The metallized structure is also copolymerized PP / homopolymerized PP / copolymerized PP.

3. Universal type: multi-layer coextrusion casting film is designed with different coextrusion layers for different purposes. For example, it is used for bread packaging, clothing (especially underwear, pants) packaging, fruit packaging, etc. on the automatic packaging machine, two-layer BOPP / CPP film after printing, used for clothing, dry food (such as fast food noodle bag, bowl cover, etc.) packaging. The general structure is copolypp / homopolymer PP / copolypp homopolymer.

4. Cooking type: two-layer copolyester CPP for cooking, which can withstand the sterilization of cooking at 120 ℃ 0.15Mpa. It only keeps the shape flavor of the internal food, but also does crack, peel stick the film, has excellent dimensional stability. It is often compounded with nylon film polyester film, packages the food containing soup juice, meatballs, dumplings other food pre food processing frozen food. The structure of cooking type three-layer PP film is copolypp / copolypp / copolypp.



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